The Finest Corrugated and Paperboard Packaging Partition Machinery In The World

We offer the widest range of equipment for packaging partitions and dividers.
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The Best Paperboard and Corrugated Partition Machinery in the World

As a family owned and operated corporation we have the capabilities and capacity to handle turnkey customer projects and will work closely with you to provide the best partition assemblers, strippers and diecutters to fit your interior packaging needs.

Worldwide competition has driven companies to deliver higher quality products more efficiently and more economically. PPCM has developed packaging partition machinery solutions to increase interior packaging production, as well as improve process technology to help our customers compete.

About PPCM

Setting The Bar

Tailoring to Your Needs
Whether it’s a standard design built for industry specific applications or a custom designed model to meet the your specific needs, Premier has the machine and support you need.
Experience, Quality, Technology
Our manufacturing facility includes the latest technology which translates to quality manufactured parts and to the quality that you can expect from our machinery.
The PPCM Solution
We look for a total production solution; a solution that can improve every aspect of your operation. The ultimate goal here is productivity. Your success is our business.
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Diecutting Machinery
Die Cutting Machinery
Our die cutting machinery is specifically made for paperboard or corrugated partition strips and pads. Premier die cutters are able to work with any interior packaging project due to our massive library of dies and our extensive packaging knowledge and expertise.
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Production Assembler
Assembly Machinery
Our partition assembly machinery is designed to give you the best in high volume production rates for paperboard and corrugated board packaging partitions. If it's standardized products (beer and wine bottles) or versatility you require, Premier has the machinery solution for you.
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Produce Quality Product Quicker, Cleaner, and Less Expensive

You are not just looking for a fiber stripper – you are looking for ways to produce a quality product quicker, cleaner, less expensively and profitably. At Premier we have become experts in efficiency, supplying you with the best solution for your production needs.

We solve problems, sort out messes and help to transform our customer’s business. Our customers succeed because we help them become more productive.

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Produce Quality Product Quicker, Cleaner, and Less Expensive