Assembly Machinery

Our assembly machinery is designed to give you the best in high volume production rates for solid fiber and corrugated partitions. If it's standardized products (beer and wine bottles) or versatility you require, Premier has the machinery solution for you. Automatic multi-cell partition assembly, even and uneven cell size capacities, height and width variances, stacking configurations and more. We dedicate our business to your needs. When you succeed, we succeed.

Production Assembler

The Corrugated and Fiber Partition Assembler is Premier Paper's most-sold machine, and for good reason. With over 100 units sold, the Model 91CF assembles one, two, and four dozen cell partitions quickly and efficiently. It's max partition assembly size is 24" x 24" x 14". It's precision, speed, and efficiency are unmatched in the industry.

The automatic partition assembler machine assembles pre-slotted fiber and all types of corrugated partition strips from e-flute to double wall. Primarily used in high-volume production applications for one, two, and four dozen cell partitions for beer and wine bottles and other glassware.

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Multi-Cell Assembler

At the cutting edge of the industry, Premier Paper Converting Machinery is known for high quality engineering and robust machinery construction. The Multi Cell Assembler is an automatic multi-cell partition assembler for pre-slotted fiber or corrugated partition strips. This machine is designed in a standard configuration with eleven feed channels for true multi-cell capacity.

Programmable assembly activation enables even and uneven cell size capabilities and only one switch is required for set-up purposes.

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Jumbo Assembler

Assembling extra large partitions has never been easier than with Premier's Jumbo Assembler. By feeding partitions through multiple channels a single user can run and maintain production at a pace exceeding that of multiple employees assembling partitions by hand.

The Jumbo Assembler's variable speed drives, accessed through its touch-screen panel, gives you the option to vamp up production speed even further, should your project demand it.

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Full Auto Assembler

The ultimate machine for fiber box partitions, Premier's Full Automatic Partition Assembler fabricates and assembles box partitions from two fiber chip board rolls. A single operator designates partition specifications on a touch pad and the machine does the rest. The Feeder Section produces die cut partition strips and inserts them into channels which are conveyed to the assembly section.

At the Assembly Section, a paper web with pre-cut slots is automatically inserted into partition strips to fabricate an assembled partition.

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