Partitions 101: Choosing Cardboard Box Partitions for Packaging

May 10, 2024 / Premier Paper


How To Best Choose Cardboard Box Partitions for Packaging

Cardboard partitions are an unsung hero of the packaging world. These cardboard box dividers are often made of eco-friendly recycled material. They safely protect products during shipping, with the added benefit of keeping your products organized and preventing scratches, tears, and other damage to product labels. 

If you want to save on packaging expenses, Premier Paper Converting Machinery is the solution with the capability of producing cardboard box partitions in-house. Here’s what you should know about choosing cardboard box partitions for your business.

How Premier Paper Converting Machinery Helps Manufacturers Make Cardboard Partitions

Many businesses use PPCM technology to produce partitions to keep their products safe and protected during shipping. Our Premier Paper Converting Machines help our customers produce partitions for cardboard boxes to protect all sorts of breakable and easily damaged products. It’s the perfect packaging solution and a great way to protect items during shipping. 

What sorts of industries rely on cardboard and chipboard partitions made by Premier Paper Converting Machinery?

  • Beer, wine, and liquor 
  • Automotive and supply manufacturers
  • Glassware, coffee mugs, and other home goods
  • Promotional products
  • Food and beverage producers
  • Pharmaceutical and medical product suppliers

Any company who needs to package and distribute a breakable product likely needs to use cardboard fiber partitions to keep it safe and organized in the box. Our equipment helps customers make and produce those critical box partitions from paper rolls and corrugated cardboard sheets. Whether you need to protect 10-ml centrifuge tubes or 64-ounce beer growlers, cardboard divider inserts are the ideal materials for the job.

Cardboard partitions don’t simply protect glass products from breaking. They also keep products from being scuffed, labels from being marred, and branding from damage. Whether it’s the label on a high-end bottle of champagne or the dashboard components of a car, a scuff or scrape can make the whole product unusable.

This damage and breakage are costly and frustrating for manufacturers, especially when turnaround times and lead times play a huge role in pricing. Product loss is a problem everyone wants to avoid.

PPCM products streamline the production of cardboard partitions. No more long production times or shipping delays because you don’t have the right packaging partitions on hand. Plus, our partition converting machines offer design flexibility, so your partitions can be perfectly sized to protect your products. 

Premier Paper Converting Machinery differs from other paper component tooling in that each machine we produce is ergonomic, versatile, and user-friendly. Thanks to automation features, you can reduce the number of workers, helping you save on labor and production costs, too.

With PPCM, you can reduce raw materials, product loss, and labor expenses. You can also rest assured that your product labels and branding are protected and your product arrives on time and safely.

Types of Cardboard Partitions Available

Corrugated board is a popular shipping choice to protect fragile items. Corrugated board is extra strong because it features fluting—small pockets of air engineered to provide even more strength and durability. Although the material is thicker and requires more handling space, it’s an excellent choice for delicate products.

Chipboard material from roll stock is another popular choice and an effective packaging option. This material is sometimes called Kraft board. The fiber comes on a roll, so the raw product requires less space to store. Chipboard dividers are also the more cost-effective option. You can also be very flexible when configuring the partitions and cell divider sizes.

Both durable materials are fully recyclable. Since the early 2000s, virgin (non-recycled) boards have rarely been used in product packaging. Corrugated cardboard and chipboard are both cost-effective and good for the environment. Many of these modern paper products can be recycled into new products several times.

Another advantage of cardboard partitions is the array of coatings available. Chipboards are available with a variety of coatings to provide additional protection against leaking products, scuffing, and even static for electronic packaging.  Polywax and similar thin coatings also help the partitions protect your product. 

Advantages of Owning a PPCM Machine vs. Outsourcing Cardboard Packaging

When you use PPCM, you can produce partitions at a lower expense. You control the production and lead time of your product. Without an in-house paper converting machine, your team has even more vendors to deal with and more places for the packaging and shipping process to go awry.

One significant advantage of a Premier Paper Converting Machine is that it’s cheaper to buy the raw product and complete the partition than to buy pre-assembled partitions. When you have a machine that lasts many years, the savings really add up.  

PPCM helps you streamline the production of cardboard partitions, working with corrugated sheets and solid fiber. You may need a machine specializing in one or both, depending on your raw materials.

Our Model #195 is in our traditional line of machinery that makes strips from solid fiber rolls. The model #209 is excellent at cutting corrugated board, but with an accessory, you can adapt it to cut solid fiber. Our assembly equipment works with both solid fiber and corrugated board strips. If you’re unsure which would be best for your situation, reach out. Our team is happy to direct you to the ideal model for your needs.

The truth is, even though you might not see our label, PPCM is responsible for a wide array of packaging divider solutions worldwide.  Whether we’re supplying a glass factory in Chicago or an automotive part producer in Ohio, PPCM helps customers simplify the partition creation process.

PPCM Shines in Customer Satisfaction

We work with many customers on customization and modifications to help them get their ideal machinery. Recently, a major vodka manufacturer’s packaging company sent us some sketches of the cardboard partition needed for their uniquely shaped bottles. They wanted custom packaging with special-sized cell partitions to fit in the outer box. 

PPCM was able to provide a solution with machinery and tooling to bring their vision to life. We helped them customize their existing machine with the right pieces. We can also design specialized tooling upon request to meet customization requirements.

What’s more, PPCM offers free product phone support for life. If you have a question, pick up the phone and give us a call. We’ll help you find the right solution, whether you need tooling design and customization or assistance with configuring your current machinery to offer the flexibility you seek.

This attention to the needs of PPCM customers and end users sets us apart. We’re here to ensure you get the right partitions for your end users, to provide maximum protection and extra cushioning during shipping. 

Explore our website to learn how PPCM can help you create cardboard partitions with ease. Streamline your processes and rest assured that each cardboard creation is well-built to house your important products and components for shipping. Reach out for a quote request or with questions about your packaging needs.


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