Slitting Machinery

World Class Slitting Machinery

Premier Paper Converting Machinery has responded to the needs of the marketplace for a powerful workhorse machining complex that will deliver the machining flexibility users require when cutting laminated fiber board for use on book covers, loose leaf binders, and game boards.

Increase Production and Bottom Line

The Slitting Complex is a high volume, heavy-duty, all-in-one, multiple operation machine; built solid for 24 hour, 7 days a week production. This guaranteed square edge Slitting Complex is the ultimate production machine for book cover, game board, binder, and other similar applications. Available for hand-fed operations to a fully automated version.

In every configuration, the Slitting Complex will increase your production and bottom line profits. When you need solutions to produce your quality products quickly and efficiently, choose a total solutions provider. Choose Premier Paper Converting Machinery. We are more than a leading supplier of machining solutions. Our success is achieved by building a solid reputation of providing customers with production solutions and support services delivered quickly, dependably and consistently.