Service and Parts

Whether you are running a large facility or a small shop, your equipment represents a significant investment. That’s why we’ve also invested in a comprehensive range of industrial equipment services that is unrivaled in the industry. These services include helping you pick the machinery that best fits your needs and your budget, testing the machinery prior to shipping to your plant, installing that machinery in your facility, training your employees to achieve maximum productivity and quality from each process, and keeping that machinery operating with suggested maintenance and a professional customer service department operated by Premier Paper Converting engineers.


Don’t slow production waiting for spare parts. You always have access to a large inventory of OEM parts, on the shelf, at the Premier Paper Converting Machinery facility. We manufacture all of our own machinery and understand that some parts wear faster than others. Knowing that, we have taken the initiative to stock those parts in inventory for quick shipment and delivery to your facility.Customers experience limited down-time with this ‘in-stock’ service and don’t have to hold inventory on their own shelves. We want to meet your expectations and go beyond. When you need spare parts, we are just a phone call away.

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Rebuild, Upgrade, Retrofit

If you need to add a production feature or boost productivity, our experts will help you stay competitive. Depending on the model and process, Premier can offer upgrades, retrofits and rebuilds for existing machinery in the field. Some customer’s trade-in their older machinery for new as their business grows and demands for capacity increase. In any case, we are there for you as your business grows and your needs change.

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Education and Training

With the industry's most comprehensive training program, Premier can take your operators from novice to expert. Choose from training at our facility on your machinery or select installation from Premier and we will train your operators at your facility

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Get Answers

Engineers answer our customer service phone lines and can address every customer question and problem with a phone conversation. In practically every case, our engineers can trouble-shoot the problem, talk the customer through the problem and fix or if it’s mechanical, ship a part out, in most cases that same day.

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