Corrugated Die Cutting Machinery

Different processing operations such as die cutting, slitting, edge trimming and cutting to length can all be combined into one pass to yield a high output flexible processing center. Die cutting machines provide a clean “V” entry slot for fast assembly and various options are available for corner cuts, “V” notching, creasing, scoring and letter piercing.Choose additional options including a tension table and roll rack for manufacturing solid fiber partition strips from roll stock and/ or an additional sheet feeder to eliminate manual feeding operations.

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Simple, Productive, High Volume

The Corrugated Die Cutting machine is simple to use, highly productive and is designed to increase the value and prolong the life of your machining production investment. Designed primarily for companies needing high volume production of corrugated partition strips and pads as well as multiple configurations.

Our stripping machinery is specifically made for corrugated partition pads and is available to produce clean punch configuration slots and “V” slots simultaneously for ease and speed of assembly. Machinery is available in several width and height capacities to solve even your most difficult production needs.