The Machine Shop of The World

We are located outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Our facility location is in the heart of the mid-western United States recognized world-wide for its precision industrial equipment and globally known as, ‘The machine shop of the world’. Premier Paper Converting Machinery embodies American ingenuity that is synonymous with many well known major manufacturers who are from this geographic region, and are well respected throughout the world.

Tailoring to Your Needs

Over the years Premier Paper Converting Machinery has developed machinery for partition and slitting applications and has installations worldwide. From small shops to large corporations and applications including glassware (beer, wine, colognes, etc.) pharmaceuticals, automotive, health & beauty, and more, our machines are engineered and built to customer requirements. Whether it’s a standard design built for industry specific applications or a custom designed model to meet the your specific needs, Premier has the machine and support you need.

Experience, Quality Technology

With decades of manufacturing experience and expertise, at Premier Paper Converting Machinery, we pride ourselves in building machinery that is accurate, durable, easy to operate and can stand rigorous production demands that meet your expectations.We understand how to design, manufacture and build machinery and produce the tooling needed to meet and even exceed customer production goals.

Our manufacturing facility includes the latest technology which translates to quality manufactured parts and to the quality that you can expect from our machinery. That’s why we produce everything in-house, so we can control our high quality standards on everything we make.

The PPCM Solution

Our employees are made up of design engineers who not only understand design but practical knowledge from working in the field with our customers. We have journeymen machinists and machine builders with years of experience and our engineers provide solutions to our new and existing customers.Your success is our business. We don’t just offer or sell a piece of machinery. We are consultants first. We look for a total production solution; a solution that can improve every aspect of your operation.

The ultimate goal here is productivity. We pride ourselves on giving you choices and if at the end of that process the result is a standard machine or slightly modified, you are part of that decision-making process and the benefactor of a machine that will give you the solution you are looking for.